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Latest firmware 388.7 for AX88U and AX11000 and 386.13 for AC88U

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My setup was main router AC88U connected to optical modem with RJ45 WAN port.
The output of AC88U will go to various RJ45 of my various rooms.
This act as my main router with wifi disabled.

Floor level1 has RJ45 connect to AX88U as the main WIFI mesh.
Floor level2 is the AX11000 as the node.

The Wifi scheduler is enabled to always off at night and on in the morning. This is control via the main Wifi mesh AX88U.

With the previous main release (388.6_2 for the AX88U and AX11000 with AC88U being 386.12_6), I dont see any problem with the AIMESH with what I configured above.

With the latest main release AX88U/AX11000 for 388.7 and AC88U being 38613, I encounter consistent problem with the AIMESH.
I dont think it is AC88U issue since this act as the main router.

The issue is after the AIMESH established and able to work for few days (4-5 days) I will find the SSID_5G will not be able to detect by my wireless client. I have to do a reboot for the main+node before I can see the SSID_5G
The AIMESH main and node are connected via SSID_5G-2 and was set as the priority for the two to communicate.

It is weird that this happen only after the latest release. Is this reported by anyone or is this a known issue?

Best Regards,
I'm not sure what's causing your issue but if you set daily schedule reboot might be the workaround.

perhaps at 6AM in the morning while you're sleeping.
Still cannot work. AiMesh still connected but I can only see 2.4G. These 5G-1 cannot be found. The AiMesh main and the node still connected via 5G-2 which I’ve set it as preferred connection between them. It is weird I cannot find the 5G-1. I got to do a manual power down and up before the 5G-1 works again. This firmware release is problematic
Hello Guys, i have an issue now after moving to new ISP. i dont think is related to latest version but let me explain. my ISP now is T mobile and they gave me 5g router. from that router i have attached my currect one from LAN to WAN so i have two separate network. now the problem is with DNS which primary internet router doesnt gave you the possibility to change it. on the ASUS i have adguard but i have problem time to time to browse websites and often it timeout or slow to open. as soon i assign "get DNC from ISP" then everything looks smooth. i do not want to have ADS ecc.. so do someone know what the problem can be?

current settings which work but ads comes in:

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