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Plan to extend WiFi 150’ for 1 Ring camera

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150 feet clear line of sight is not a long distance.

So your suggesting they use one of your several hundred dollar setups when a $35 to $40 single device will work fine? Honestly all you do is come in here and post "use one of our kits". If you're not a forum sponsor and aren't going to contribute anything other than that, would be better to just stay silent. At the very least qualify what the person is looking to do and only spam the thread when your product is actually the right one to use. Considering much more tried and true versions from other companies are cheaper than yours, you're facing an uphill battle.
Thank you for your input. We agree that cost is a crucial concern for network solutions. Actually, we are including more budget-friendly options too, to cater to different applications and requirements. Our aim is not to push our products on every thread but to assist when our solutions align with the user's needs. What is more, we genuinely value this community and the insights shared here, and we'll strive to be more selective in our responses, ensuring they are relevant to the discussion at hand.

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