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Plusnet hub plus netgear hub plus netgear extender???

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This is a bit of a long and complicated problem, and it is in two parts... so please bear with me.

I have the following equipment.
A Plusnet one hub (I can't find any more details of the specs of this device anywhere! some information here...)
A Netgear D6200 adsl modem/router
A Netgear EX6150 AC1200 wifi range extender

I have just got fibre broadband (fttc) from plusnet (thus the Plusnet one hub) so I can't use my D6200 as a modem any more. I'm thinking that long term I will use the Plusnet one hub as a modem, and the D6200 as the router for my network. Is it worth doing this? I guess the question is; is the D6200 hub better for general use as a router than the device provided by Plusnet? That is the first part of the question.

The second part is more of a short term issue. Due to the layout of my house I currently have my (non wifi enabled) tv, xbox and Synology Diskstation NAS all connected through network cables to the D6200 router. This was a temporary solution while I didn't have broadband to my new house so that I could use some of the NAS functions to my TV etc. This set-up is unfortunately at the opposite side of my house to where the fibre broadband is coming into the house. So I currently (from this morning) have the Plusnet hub at the front of the house, connected to the broadband, and providing wifi. Now eventually I will be moving the TV to the front room, so I can just wire it to the network as described above... but for now that isn't an option due to the number of boxes and general crap lying around my front room! So what I'm thinking is that I can use the EX6150 range extender, plugged in next to the TV, and run a wire from the range extender to the "internet in" port on the back of the D6200 router, and this should(??) allow the mini network in the back room to operate as normal. So the question here is, will this work? Will wifi devices connected to the wireless network provided by the Plusnet box be able to see the devices on the D6200? Will the connection provided by the Plusnet---extender---D6200---TV/NAS suffer from slowdown, and if so will this make the devices unusable? In short, is it worth running this as a temporary solution, or should I try to get hold of a really long network cable and hard-wire the plusnet box to the D6200 box, with all of the tripping hazards etc. that this will inevitably cause?

If you need any more information then please let me know. I'm reasonably technically competent, but my knowledge of networks isn't much above a laymans.
So. I tried it. (Probably most of you were thinking "why don't you just try it?".)

Anyway, it worked!

However I can't find the components of the network that are connected to the D6200 router from the wireless network.

Do you know if there is a way to make these components visible on the network?

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