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blade x

New Around Here
I have been reading the articles here for quite sometime and now its time to make a decision. I store a lot of data and often run out of space quickly so I am looking to build a 3Tb NAS. I work a lot with Music and soon, Videos. This NAS would also serve as storage and not just back-up of Destop or other drives, as I have a laptop with only 320 GB capacity. I will also do steaming of large files to my PS3 via a wired connection.

Synology 409 or 409+ (I like their interface and iPhone apps very much)
4 x WD Black 1Tb drives
APC UPS 650 or 750
RAID 5 setup = 3Tb

I know this wont provide total protection against data loss, but I plan on setting up a second NAS eventually (probably Synology 209 with 2 x 1.5 Tb drives) to backup this one.

Should I go with a 409 or a 409+? I will be steaming files much larger than 256mb.
Are 7200RPM harddrives the way to go? I think the green drives have some problems in RAID configurations from what i hear.

If you think there is a better setup to serve my needs, please make recommendations or corrections to what I typed here as i am new to NASs.

Thank you!
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Mr. Easy
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I didn't see a big difference in performance between the two. Synology says that the DS409+ can handle multiple concurrent users better.

Stick with the recommended drive list.

Don't wait too long to put a backup for the NAS in place. Even backup to attached drives is better than relying on RAID5.

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