Printer (LAN connected) not found via WIFI.


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Hello everybody,
I have a problem with my network printer that you may be able to help me with. (RT86U // Merlin 384.17)
It is connected to my RT86U with a LAN cable and also works well when addressed by clients with a LAN connection.

However, it causes problems when I try to print something from the laptop via WIFI or my smartphone.

So LAN print jobs work, but I can't find the printer for WIFI print jobs. Does anyone have any idea why this might be ? Is there a setting that I forgot to activate? The WIFI devices are connected directly to the RT86U ....

Extensions: Diversion, Yazfi, Skynet, x3mrouting.

Thanks a lot for your support



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What is your Wireless => 2.4ghz => Wireless Mode set to? I recommend it be set to Auto because some wireless printers use legacy modes.

Wade Coxon

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Are you trying to send the print as a "WiFi print job" as opposed to just sending the print job to the printer device in the OS?
A "WiFi print job" may be trying to establish a direct WiFi connection between your laptop and the printer. The printer would be theoretically acting as its own WiFi Access Point if it was configured for direct "WiFi printing".


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The printer is installed via TCP/IP configuration in Windows 10, with no direct wifi connection. If the Laptop is connected via LAN it is working, WIFI doesn´t work. Via Android I am using the App "printer share". It was working with my printer and the old AVM router. I think, I have a misconfiguration in my RT86U but I don´t have an idea which setting it could be.

But thanks a lot for your ideas !


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mister: it doesn't work like that.
You never mentioned why you are using a cable
Assuming your printer is wifi.
1-disconnect the cable
2-run the setup file and reinstall the printer wirelessly.
3- know is connected by WIFI to the router.
4- note the IP address
5- discover the printer in each device.
6- ready to go.
I have 2 Samsung laser printers B&W and color working from any device.
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Or using YazFi to customize the WiFi connected properties of those clients?


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Wow, the answers above seem all over the place.

IMO, you simply have an issue where your wireless clients (laptop) cannot access your network resources (printer). This is similar to when a device connects to your guest wifi ssid and is not allowed access to local resources.

Can your laptop discover *any* other systems or resources on your network?

If no, then it must be in the configuration of one of the scripts you are running. Disable them all, see if your can at least discover any devices, then enable them one at a time.


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Thanks a lot for all your comments.
To summarize :
1. The WebUI of the printer can be accessed, e.g. of my desktop computer.
2. The WebUI from other devices of the LAN can be accessed from my Laptop as well. The IP of the network printer and of my laptop are in the same subnet and IP range.
3. Yazfi is configured only for the guest network, but the laptop is not connected in the guest network.
4. Airtime fairness is enabled.
5. AP isolated --> no

I will continue to test an keep you informed.



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Can you download the driver for your printer and install it on the laptop in question? Sometimes, this is required.


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Can you download the driver for your printer and install it on the laptop in question? Sometimes, this is required.

I don't think so it is a driver issue. The OP says that everything is OK when laptop is connected by wire and not OK if connected wireless. This is really very strange. I think we should dig in direction that the laptop is not properly connected when wireless.

It could be a Windows firewall problem - imagine that two laptop network adapters (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) are processed differently by laptop's Windows firewall. For example the LAN is in "private" profile while the Wi-Fi is in "public" (which is BTW pretty reasonable decision). Then imagine that some changes has been made in "public" profile leading to blocking the printer's port?


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Hi, please connect the laptop to the WIFI and ping the printer's IP to verify connectivity. If there is connectivity from the WIFI network to the device connected to the LAN, the printer should work

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