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Problem with RDP over VPN

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New Around Here
New to the SmallNetBuilder world but I like what I see. I was looking to get some suggestions to a current problem I am having in regards to RDP over VPN. Here is the scenario and devices:

I setup a VPN using the Netgear client v10.1 to a Netgear ProSafe FVS318v3 router. Router is connected to a Netgear GSM7224 switch. The clients are all XP Pro and environment is Windows 2003 Std. domain with a mix of Gigabit and 10/100 devices. The purpose of the VPN was for salesmen to remote in, have access to network shares, and Quickbooks Enterprise 8.0. Due to the size of the database and the program itself, it made more sense for the salesmen to VPN in and RDP the office desktops to use Quickbooks than run Quickbooks over VPN. The main problem I am having is that RDP is terribly slow. At first, I had bad response times when pinging devices once the VPN was established. Through testing, I determined the MTU size had to be lowered on the router from the default 1500 to 1392. When I attempt to RDP, sometimes I only get the yellow banner on top of the screen, but the login never appears. Other times, I can eventually get the logon box but when I attempt to login, it either hangs or drops the connection. I have read that you can edit the MTU size in the registry on the XP machines, but I am trying to avoid that. If I lowered the MTU on the router to 1392, it is below the XP standard 1480 anyway. Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this? Thanks!!
Have you tried updating the firmware on the router? I see some mention of fixes in newer firmware versions regarding VPN and MTUs > 1400.

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