QoS on AC5300

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Sorry to split off my other thread re: AC66U_B1 going bad after three years (answer appears to be = no).

But for findings/best practices, this is interesting:
I turned on QoS on an AC5300 (AT&T Fiber has an issue with AT&T WiFi Calling [doesn't make sense, I know]), and this appears to negatively impact my AC66U_B1 repeaters.

That is - they break up and disconnect after stress (i.e. Zoom conference) - normally after 60-90 minutes.


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After shutting off QoS, the AC5300 <> AC68U_B1 dropping continued, but came back quickly.
I made two changes - apparently I was saving logs to NVRAM instead of RAM, and I was not flushing cache regularly...
Let's see...

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