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questions about concurrent connections

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bob stone

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can any one tell me how many concurrent tcp/udp or internet based connections a WRT610N can handle?

for example, I have an older netgear N router, when I download a torrent file for linux it will never seem to get over 150 connections, and will start out at 100kbs download but will degrade down to a 50kbs avg, however if I download a high speed torrent I will get maby only 40 connections and be able to get 1300kbs speeds

I think this might have to do with my router bottle necking with the connections, so I want to make sure my upgrade can handle a large amount of concurrent connections.

Thanks for any info

p.s. largest problem is actually that my internet becomes unusable when download a torrent thru the router, however it works fine when connected directly to my pc
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ahh i read that but I thought it was talking about internal connections,

so just to make sure I am clear on this.

if I have a torrent file d/l I will only be able to connect to 200 seeds/peers total

Thanks again

AHH just read up more on the program you use, so 200 is the most you can connect with, however the router it self can have much more. for example the dgl-4500 has been reported to handle more the 1k connections. this is a big thing for me. I would get that router, but my current setup requires simultaneous dual-band.

with that in mind could you please give me a heads up on where I can get more info on this particulate stat?

also it might sound stupid, and don't yell, but maby as a way to test max connections you can actually use a torrent client to see how many peers it can connect to for future testing, some popular and "legal" torrent can have 10000 peers, you can force the client to have many connections at a slow rate per connection to see where the router tops out.
lambo tech
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did a second check, noticed that you had a review of my router, wnr834b, and my connections do seems to match up with that if not a little higher ( I am running dd-wrt on it )

anyways, also wanted to say, this site is really nice, I am able to get most of the info I need here ( took me a few to figure out your testing parameters for a few of the tests but other wise really nice )

Honda 599
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The router tests are described here. All router tests are testing the router, not the LAN switch. The simultaneous connection test checks how many simultaneous sessions that the router will support.

I don't use any Internet based testing because I can't control the entire test environment. If there was an offline Torrent simulator that I could use, I'd consider it. But right now, IxChariot is the best tool that I have and I have high confidence in it.

I don't think there is any other website that tests router concurrent connections.
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