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RAM Usage growing on 386.3_2 and CPU Core stuck at 100%

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So one of my routers I use for work, an RT-AC5300, running 386.3_2, has since I upgraded to that version exhibited 2 problems.

1. RAM grows over time. The culprit is conn_diag. I found other threads saying this process in 386.2 was creating large files, so it appears to have been tweaked recently. I think it's closed source, but wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue and knows if it can be solved?

See here, I upgraded ~3 weeks ago and over the next 10 days it ate it's RAM+Swap until I rebooted. I all the process preemptively last week (no idea if that was a good idea!) and already today it's started using Swap again so presumably so daemon started it up again.

2. 1 of the CPU cores is stuck at 100% by nt_center. I know after an upgrade this is expected for a while, but not for weeks! Again, anyone have any ideas/solutions?

This is a standalone router, no AiMesh etc. Has ~30 WiFi clients evenly spread across it's 2x 5GHz channels and 3-4 LAN devices attached. Entware is installed, only 2 things installed is the remote Check_MK monitoring script and USB drivers for the UPS attached to the other USB port. It's worked well for over a year like this until this upgrade.

Worst case I'll have to factory reset and hope that sorts it. I'm presuming if I backup the relevant JFFSscripts and replace them afterwards my Entware will just carry on as if nothing happened? I also have OpenVPN's which I'd like to restore rather than re-issue creds etc to people, any quick way to do this? I know some of it is stored in NRVAM and some in JFFS but it's been a while since I looked into it and it's certainly been tweaked since I understood it.

I don't want to do a full backup/restore as I might end up putting back the issue(s) I have now.

I did see people on 386.4 Alpha saying it solved some RAM issues, but it's an important router for work so not really keen on Alpha/Beta builds if I can avoid them. That assumes an Alpha release even exists for this model (I've not checked).

Any suggests are welcomed.

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