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random thread of R7800 and PI

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I just wanted to start a new thread to discuss raspberry pi combined with R7800. I don't know if other people have an interest in the raspberry pi but I think it's pretty cool

So I caught a sale on a raspberry pi and have been running pihole for about a month now. The idea of it being your DNS resolver / server is a cool concept to block ads Etc. I think however, it's giving me issues combined with stubby on the router(R7800). Some days it's telling me I'm blocking hundreds of DNS requests than other days it's only showing a handful of blocks(with the same average internet use). One or two times I caught the router going back to automatic DNS servers versus the server address (that I manually enter in the setup page) given to me by pihole.

Does anybody else have this combined set up and have any tips for me for example that I should turn off dnscrypt and stubby on router and just let pihole do its job or am I getting mixed results because I'm combining multiple functions of a router and pihole on two machines?

My current setup: R7800 with Voxel's latest .62 software, stubby enabled, openvpn with nordvpn, both of my smart TVs have be tunneled through openvpn for Netflix and Xfinity to work.


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