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Netgear x6 r7800 power light white brightness

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Hello to everyone
I have odd / weird question I was given a netgear x6 r7800 but the power light when booting up orange is so super bright. But upon booted up and working the power led light is so dull compared to the other white lights.
Is that normal or is there something wrong with the led light.
Just seems weird other let's blind you and light up the room but power led seem grey colour


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LEDs over time wear out, especially when they're constantly working. White LEDs are made from blue ones, and blue ones wear out quickly. The rest of the LEDs are not constantly on (they flicker) like the power LED is.
Thank you for taking the time to reply. So if that led was to give up life it wouldn't affect anything else the router would happy continue to work. Or would you look to get it repaired.?
LEDs don't affect router operation. But it won't go out, it's just dimmer due to long-time operation thus wear off.

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