Recompile 384_13.10 to fix broken ipv6

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I own a RT-AC3200 which is stuck on 384_13.10.

However, there is a serious bug in router/rc/udhcpc.c:

int dhcp6c_wan(int argc, char **argv)
if (argv[2]) run_custom_script("dhcpc-event", 0, argv[2], NULL);

if (!argv[1] || !argv[2])
return EINVAL;
else if (strcmp(argv[2], "started") == 0 ||
strcmp(argv[2], "stopped") == 0 ||
strcmp(argv[2], "unbound") == 0)
return deconfig6(argv[1]);
else if (strcmp(argv[2], "bound") == 0)
return bound6(argv[1], 1);
else if (strcmp(argv[2], "updated") == 0 ||
strcmp(argv[2], "rebound") == 0)
return bound6(argv[1], 2);
else if (strcmp(argv[2], "informed") == 0)
return bound6(argv[1], 0);
else if (strcmp(argv[2], "ra-updated") == 0)
return ra_updated6(argv[2]);
return 0;

This must read ra_updated6(argv[1]) : see

static int
ra_updated6(char *wan_ifname)

Because of this bug, ipv6 dhcp does not get an updated prefix, when the DSL router reconnect. rc then tries to reconfigure an interface called "ra-updated" instead of eth0, what is arg[1].

Can somebody please direct me to how I can recompile the sources for AC-3200? So I get at the end a trx-file that can be flashed? Thanks.


Part of the Furniture
If you have a recent Win10 PC you can build the firmware using Windows Subsystem for Linux. See the wiki and see if it can work for you.

The bug you found was fixed in 384.15 so you are definitely correct that it should be fixed. But you’ll need to clone the repo per the wiki and edit the udhcpc.c file before compiling.


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