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Replacing a Netgear Nighthawk R7000

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I bought a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 2016, it have worked well but now it have started to behave strange. It log tells me that it is connecting to internet every 10 min and sometimes we can notice this, its also sometimes not reachable. Have factory reset it and installed latest firmware but no luck. Maybe a new router can solve the problem.

My entire network is Netgear to avoid problems but it seems like Asus is the way to go now? Maybe even with Merlin firmware.

So witch go get that is at least as good as the one I got? Asus RT-AX86S? Asus TUF AX5400? Asus RT-AX58U? Or any other?
Try Fresh Tomato, it's the best firmware I've ever used for the R7000.

But if you don't care about firmware, I don't know why you would choose Merlin?
I think any of the routers you mentioned will do better than your R7000. But you may want to try to find an RT-AX86u that may have more ram for the firmware. If firmware is important stick to ones on merlins supported list.

New Netgear units may be an upgrade but you then need contend with their lack of support after 90 days to even report a bug.

FWIW I moved from my R7000 to the R7800 and gain range and things seemed much quicker overall. I then upgraded to the RT-AX86U and then to RT-AX6000.
Found very little difference between the two asus's. They both gave me more 5Ghz range then R7800 but it was not like double the range or anything.
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