RF metrics: MCS value and/Or modulation for Broadcom (bcm4360) ASUS_RT-AC87U


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Not exactly a Merlin Q; but hopefully you guys can help.
I want to stream video in home; and I want to monitor the RF parameter for the wifi client: MCS/Modulation(bpsk/qpsk/qam)/RSSI

ASUS RT-AC78R running Firmware: 378.51

From https://wikidevi.com/wiki/ASUS_RT-AC87U:
The 2.4 GHz radio is implemented with BCM4360
The 5 GHz radio is contained within independent Quantennachipset (QT3840BC+QT2518B)

For Quanteena(5G radio): it took some Googling but the RF parameter seems pretty simple to gather RSSI/MCS/Phy Rate and etc.
Broadcom wl commands seems "harder" to use; I tried many variation and no luck getting MCS value: I did manage get RSSI/Phy Rate.

In some version of Openwrt iwinfo seems to have MCS value.

Broadcom notes:
wl -i eth1 bssid

wl -i eth1 txpwr
31.75 dBm = 1496 mw.

wl -i eth1 ssid
Current SSID: "ASUS"

wl -i eth1 pktcnt
Receive: good packet 180, bad packet 0, othercast good packet 264856
Transmit: good packet 7863, bad packet 60

#list mac
wl -i eth1 assoclist

wl -i eth1 sta_info <mac>
STA <mac>:
rateset [ 1 2 5.5 6 9 11 12 18 24 36 48 54 ]
idle 6 seconds
in network 372 seconds
flags 0x1e11a: WME PS N_CAP AMPDU AMSDU
HT caps 0x49ad: LDPC SGI20 STBC-Tx STBC-Rx 40-Intl
tx data pkts: 8649
tx data bytes: 1265365
tx ucast pkts: 112
tx ucast bytes: 171375
tx mcast/bcast pkts: 8537
tx mcast/bcast bytes: 1093990
tx failures: 0
rx data pkts: 603
rx data bytes: 61486
rx ucast pkts: 418
rx ucast bytes: 24746
rx mcast/bcast pkts: 185
rx mcast/bcast bytes: 36740
rate of last tx pkt: 1000 kbps
rate of last rx pkt: 24000 kbps
rx decrypt succeeds: 0
rx decrypt failures: 0
tx data pkts retried: 13
tx data pkts retry exhausted: 0
per antenna rssi of last rx data frame: -18 -28 -28 0
per antenna average rssi of rx data frames: -18 -27 -26 0
per antenna noise floor: -90 -92 -92 0

Quanteena notes:
qcsapi_sockrpc get_tx_mcs wifi0 0
qcsapi_sockrpc get_rx_mcs wifi0 0
qcsapi_sockrpc get_tx_phy_rate wifi0 0
qcsapi_sockrpc get_rx_phy_rate wifi0 0
qcsapi_sockrpc get_noise wifi0 0
qcsapi_sockrpc get_snr wifi0 0
qcsapi_sockrpc get_rssi_dbm wifi0 0

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