Root Cause for 100 mbps

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@PuckHead, are we talking about the RT-AC88U router all this time? :)

Try unplugging everything from it (Ethernet cables, USB cables/drives, WAN cable, Power cable, etc.) and leave it unplugged (but with the power switch 'on') for a couple of minutes.

Plug everything in again and see if you can get full 1GbE Port connection rates.

If that works, you may also want to not use the 5 to 8 Ports on the router either (they are known to be on a flakey switch).


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The Solution to get 1000 mbps was found. The problem was not cabling or interference. The problem was me.

To explain:

1. I wired my keystone connectors according to 568b. From left to right on the keystones, I used the correct 568b colors, starting with orange-white, orange, etc.

That resulted in 100 mbps.

because: The keystones had a strange color order from left to right to get 568b color sequence!!!

The solution: When I simply followed the strange color order on the keystones, the result was 1000 mbps at each jack.

Thought I should close this thread. My wiring skills have amazed the general public. Haha. Many many thanks for attention to this.


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We have all been there one way or another. ;)
Funny, that happened also to me first time i connected an RJ45 wall socket - exact same thing. I thought i was smarter than the color coding on the keystone. Only in my case, my RJ45 tester detected the terminal sequence was not correct :)
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