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I'm looking to replace my RT-AC66U with something more modern. I use this as a router only that's located in an "under the stairs" closet. I then have a wired connection to a RP-AC1900 access point in a better location that serves a 1 gig symmetrical internet service my 3500 sqft home.

I previously had an RT-AC86U with the access point enabled from the closet and the signal struggled to reach certain areas of the home. I then added the RP-AC1900 which has worked flawlessly since. However the AC86U died so i'm back to my trusty RT-AC66U. Surprisingly, the AP works great by itself versus in combo with the AC86U. So I'm okay with leaving this alone and replacing only the router.

Right now my priority is to gain the parental control features of a modern Asus firmware and minimize any choking of my internet speed to wired devices. So I'm looking for recommendations that can give me a powerful router with the latest features, but not necessarily the latest wifi specs. However I'm open to replacing the the AC1900 and trying the new router's AP from the closet if it has marked improvement over the AC86U's range.

Thoughts on how y'all would solution this?
Use this wire for WAN and place something like RT-AX88U Pro where your RP-AC1900 is. How many wired connections you have under the stairs? Need a router there?
About 10 or so drops coming into a patch panel under the stairs. Moving the router to the family room where the current AP is would end up disconnecting all the wired connections.
Got it. The same model there and whatever works for you for Wi-Fi. I would normally suggest moving to business class equipment, but perhaps Asuswrt is more familiar to you and you need parental control.
Yeah that seems to be the problem, business class like Ubiquiti or TP-Link Omada don't seem to have good/easy to use parental controls.
Asuswrt built-in parental control restrictions are avoidable. Depends on how smart your kids are. Hide and seek game. You are going to lose the game at some point.

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