Router stopped giving connection over Ethernet

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Hi folks long time lurker, first time poster.

This issue has happened before and magically fixed itself but it’s happened again after a month I’m trying to fix the root cause.

I have a ASUS AC86U running merlin 386.3_2 and a static IP with Nord. The router is giving out wifi fine but anything over Ethernet just won’t connect. It doesn’t matter if it’s going through the static IP or not it just won’t load anything.

I have tried different ports and nord say everything is ok on there end.

I’m not very technical but it’s been suggested that it could be a DNS issue?


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First thing to do is try a new ethernet cable between router and PC.


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And then test with the same cable and port on the router, but with a different wired capable client device too. :)


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I'm so sorry guys, thank you for replying, I guess when there is a panic rational thinking goes out the window... it wouldn't connect because my subscription expired overnight.... for some things there are cables.... other things... visa...

back to lurking!!

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