RP-AX56 Aimesh Ethernet Backhaul

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Currently i stay in 3 floor house ( 3000 sqft home). i have main router (GT-AC5300) in my living room ( 2nd floor) and one more router in my 3rd floor (Gt-AC5300 connected to ethernet backhaul). i get all 3 bands ( 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz-1, 5 Ghz-2) since i connect my 2nd router using ethernet backhaul

my internet signal is bit low in my garage and outside my home. if i purchase RP-AX56 range extender, can i connect it using ethernet backhaul ( as i have a ethernet jack in my 1st floor) in Aimesh?
i would like to keep this extender in a power port ( as i dont want any bigger router in 1st floor) and connect it using wired ethernet ( ethernet backhaul and Aimesh) so that i can use all 3 bands in my home

Please suggest


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It should work according to the manual. Just don't expect good coverage beyond the garage


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I run a AX56U in my garage, and I can get a 5GHz signal over 20m away at the far end of the garden. That same unit also covers one end of the house inside. The main router is in the middle of the house, and one is at the other end. The three routers give solid 5GHz connection across the half acre property inside and out.


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i have connected RP-AX56 to Aimesh. i am getting the attached error message
Firmware is up to date


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how is the range for this extender in aimesh settings with ethernet backhaul ?

I haven't done any scientific tests, but I have walked around the house with a wifi analyzer app looking at the 5GHz band only. I conclude that the RP-AX56 seems to have better range compared with the 5GHz-1 radio of the XT8, but slightly worse range compared with the 5GHz-2 radio of the XT8.


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since my main router is AC Series and this is AX series externder, is this why ia m unable to connect to ethernet backhaul ?

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