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RT-AC1900P connected USB 3.0 Drive adding location to folder name

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I confirmed this problem does not happen with stock firmware.

I loaded the most current Merlin firmware RT-AC68U_386.9_0.zip and now my USB drive in windows has to be remapped to work. I have many programs that access it via the stock firmware name and would prefer to not change all them.

Stock Asus firmware: \\RT-AC1900P\Cloud
Merlin firmware: \\RT-AC1900P\Cloud (at Seagate Backup blah blah something long)

Under Merlin I cannot access via \\RT-AC1900P\Cloud. I can only access via \\RT-AC1900P\Cloud (at Seagate Backup blah blah something long)

Is there somewhere I can change this?


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New Around Here
Well, that makes me look pretty dumb :confused:

Either way, thanks for the easy fix!

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