RT-AC3100: Current state of stock firmware

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I just have a pretty simple question regarding the latest ASUS firmware's, my RT-AC3100 is currently rocking F/W 384.81116, which I realize is now just over a year old at this point, and usually I'm pretty on top of keeping my routers up-to-date, but I have been pretty lazy for the last year.

I have seen a few posts about the new 385.x firmwares being a little buggy here and there and a few members having to revert back to older ones, which have made my motivation to update a little low with how stable my current firmware/config is, but I have seen that the new firmwares have fixed a few vulnerabilities. Would it be worth it to try the current version of 385.20631 or has anyone still had some deal breaking bugs lingering in it? Or would I want to move over to merlins builds if I wanted to patch these vulnerabilities?

Sorry for the odd question, but I just wanted to know what the current thoughts on the latest firmwares were since my long time since updating


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If you're going to make a change, make it a good one. Any reason you are not using RMerlin firmware?

The latest 386.1 Alpha 3 available is stable and performs very well too for me.

It is at least worth a test in your environment.

Take a backup of your config and JFFS partitions along with the firmware you're currently running and give this Alpha 3 a go.

Worse comes to worst, flash the firmware you are using today, reset to factory defaults and then restore the backup you made to get back to where you are now.


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I made that exact change on a whim last night, but I didn't opt into the alpha version, I'm on 384.19 stable for now. (Bad experiences with some previous alpha/betas of other things, lol)

I actually did use your M&M config as a base to my router firmware flashing/upgrading procedures with my own config tweaks on top of it to get it to a good known state after the merlin flash that is good for my environment, thank you for taking your time to make such a good guide to start with! Now to just figure out some log spam I'm getting since the flash, but that isn't a biggie.

Side note, I can't find any changelog for the 386.1 alphas, is that somewhere on here or on merlins site and I'm not looking well enough?

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