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[RT-AC3100] - Infinite restart loop.

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Hi. In the last week, I found a strange behavior in my main router: RT-AC3100.
On Sunday, I associate it to an issue with my ISP, the modem provides private IP instead of a public IP.
The issue is in early morning I see no internet in my home, when checked ISP Modem the internet was OK, but I found the router in an infinite restart loop. The only way to exit that loop is to disconnect all wired connections (Ethernet and USB). I only left the connection LAN1 to my computer and did a Factory Default Reset with the WSP button. Sometimes require more than two or three reset processes.
On Sunday, I can reconfigure the router with Entware and all my services, but today every configuration, besides Wi-Fi, caused the router to enter the loop. Be it DCHP, QoS, etc. and more than 3 reset processes. I cannot access to a log to understand what happened. I'm losing in this issue. Now with factory config and only Wi-Fi connection personalized is working good, but I cannot change the configuration also I do not know if the near feature has the same behavior.
Thanks in advance for any idea about the issue.
Hello there!

First off, let's make sure your ASUS RT-AC3100 router is up to date by checking for any firmware updates on the ASUS website. These updates often fix bugs and improve how your router works.

Next, take a good look at your router - check for any physical damage, like overheating or physical cracks. Sometimes, problems can arise from these issues.

If you can, try to look at the router's logs to see if there are any weird error messages that might give us a clue. If you're not sure how to do this, you can always reach out to ASUS support for a hand in acquiring those logs and figuring out what's going on.

I would also recommend checking your power connections, specifically your input connectors to your main router. Verify that they are providing enough power to maintain the routers necessary power requirements.
Hello! Thanks for you answer.

1. I have installed the last firmware.
2. The router is perfectly, never crash or physical crack, it in mint conditions.
3. I try to find the log between restart, but I do not found anything in system log.
4. I use the original power source of the router.
I don't understand why, but I located the issues appear when the external HDD where Entware is installed produce that behavior. After remove, I need to shut down the router and after a minutes power on.

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