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[RT-AC3100] - Internet Connection is degraded

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Hi! I'm an owner of RT-AC3100 as principal router and RT-AC66U B1 as access point. I have a Cable Internet connection of 600mb. Most of my devices (Smart TVs, Android TVs, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Computers) have a wired connection to one of the two devices: RT-AC3100 and RT-AC66u B1. Only one Tablet, cellphones, and one pc use Wi-Fi Connection. I do not use a Fiber connection because our ISP does not allow Modem configuration under Bridge to have all control under my RT-AC3100.
I have the RT-AC3100 with the latest firmware. It was installed about a week ago.

I have Internet issues, all my tests under RT-AC3100, on a pc with a wired connection to the router have the same results: between 80Mbps and 95Mbps for downloads and between 71Mbps and 95Mbps for uploads. I use the following Test Sites:

Also, I have the same result using the Speed Test on the RT-AC3100, attached image with result.

If I connect the PC to an ISP Modem (Bridge mode), wired connection, I have no connection issues, all tests show a connection with 600Mbps. and 100Mbps.

I'm monitoring the Network traffic on WLAN connection, attached image, and I have no high Internet consume to identify that behavior in my Internet Speed Results.

In the past, when using the Speed Test feature in Asus Firmware, the result was a mirror of the computer connected to an ISP modem. Today no. I think that I have something in the router, making my Internet very low.

My knowledge cannot allow me to locate the issue.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I changed the Ethernet cable and the issue was resolved! Thanks! I do not see it. About the NAT Acceleration, what are the recommendations?
Your WAN port is connected at only 100 Mbps. Replace the ethernet cable between the modem and the router.

I agree...

However - I've had more that a few instances where the fault was not the router, but the modem itself, and doing a restart on the modem fixed things...

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