RT-AC5300 Airplay/Airprint Problem

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Running Merlin 384.19

Airplay/Airprint functions properly right after a reboot (or wifi settings change). After an hour or so, Airplay/Airprint devices disappear from iPhones/iPads.

This router was recently upgraded from an RT-AC86u, which Airplay/Airprint worked properly on.

I used the RT-AC86u config file on the RT-AC5300 as well as Factory Defaulted the RT-AC5300 and configured from scratch, results are identical with devices disappearing from iOS devices after a short period of time.

I've tried

IGMP Snooping on and off
Adjusting the multicast rate from auto
Enabling/Disabling multicast routing (IGMP Proxy)
Enabling/Disabling efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping)

None of it makes a difference long term.

Any ideas?


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I don’t know if this will help, but I had to turn off airtime fairness in the router settings under WiFi-professional tab and this helped. I did put IP address of printer in IOS when I added the printer if the IOS did not detected.


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What type of printer are you connecting wireless? Also, is it 2ghz or 5ghz that you are using?


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Might be it, might not...

But I’ve been struggling with your problems for years, AC66U and AC88U. Tried everything I thought would work, thinking mDNS / AVAHI might be the culprit.
Then the other day I’ve disabled all MU-MIMO and Beamforming, preamble to short, disabled airtime fairness. Not sure what really helped, but both AirPrint (Canon Pixma on 2.4) and Airplay (Apple TV 4 on 5GHz, old B&W Zeppelin speaker on 2.4 and Pioneer receiver on Ethernet) work flawlessly from 6 different Apple devices of all generations.

Keep it simple. Advanced wireless options when you have ONLY advanced wireless devices.

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