RT-AC5300 login issue after updating to 386.1.0 and 5GHz 2 channel not broadcasting.

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Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum. I recently updated to the merlin firmware version 386.1.0. After the firmware update was complete, I tried to log back into my router, the login screen shows up to input my username and password. After entering my username and password, the page stays on the loading image. I have the same issue when using the Asus app on my phone. It shows losing connection to router. Has anyone else had this issue after updating to 386.1.0? Also before this update, I can no longer see the 5GHZ 2 channel when looking at my available wireless networks. I don't know if that band died on the router or what happened. I can see the 5GHZ 2 channel in the router admin view, but it is not broadcasting. Channel bandwidth is set to 20/40/80Mhz.
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@ImportT3ch welcome to the forums.

See the changelog or the release notes on the announcement thread. Known issue.

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