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RT-AC57U problem

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Hello there,
I am not really huge technical type and totally not when it comes to networking. Yesterday I connected my brand new router (name of it in title of the thread), got it running, but for some reason I am not able to access any online games. I tried everything possible I found on other forums, submitted multiple tech support tickets, even disabled firewall on the router.
For some reason everytime I launch online game, despite my signal showing being strong enough, I just fail to connect to the game with no error message at the end. It just keeps loading in a loop but never finishing. At the same time while loading I try to launch my web browser, but no website is accessible due to loss of connection. When I close the game, browser seems to work again. I tried everything. Port forwarding, disabling my antivirus, turning off firewall, rebooting this, rebooting that, just none of it seems to be a solution.
After all this I came to conclusion that I may have bonked something on my router when setting it up maybe, or there is some crucial setting I don´t know about that may be blocking my games from working. I also had older asus single band router with only two antenas that got replaced by this newer one and I did not have these issues with it.
If anyone of you good people knows about solution, please let me know and thank you in advance.
I suggest that you reset the router to factory defaults by pressing the Reset button on the back, and then follow the Quick Start Guide to set it up again.
Maybe you need to set MAC for ISP or disconnect (WAN/phone line and power for 1 hour).
We dont know you type of connection, modem bridge or router mode and ISP settings.
Thanks for the answer, I am connected via metal wire going from the pillar outside the house. Thanks Colin for the answer, I tried it but it wasn´t so straight since my ISP contract is on static IP adress, but it was no problem, I entered ISP info (IP address, gateway, dns server...) and got internet working again. However, I still have the same issue. And I set MAC address by cloning it. My laptop is on wifi obviously. When I tried setting up router via wifi on my laptop, router menu was showing that I was connected to the internet, however my windows and my web browser showed that i was not. It is very confusing situation. I will probably call my ISP to send some specialist to help me to set up my router properly.
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It is probably just LAN cable coming to our house yes. Modem or another router is on the pillar outside, that´s how my whole village is connected atm. I set up a router via my old crappy PC that I do not use anymore since I have this new laptop. I simply set it up via static IP address and info that I got in my ISP contract. I got some stuff working via port forwarding but I restarted my laptop and it is NOT working again...so I am back to square one. I noticed that in comparison to my old router, this new one has port forwarding option, which I used but to no avail. And thanks for your help. I will try my best and provide the most info I can.
I set up a router via my old crappy PC that I do not use anymore since I have this new laptop. I simply set it up via static IP address and info that I got in my ISP contract.

@hijackmaniac When you have your old laptop connected and working as you described above can you issue the following two commands from its command prompt and post the complete output please.


(I'm assuming your router's IP address is, if it's not change the number accordingly)

Then repeat the same test in the router's GUI at Network Tools > Network Analysis and post that output.
For now i managed to resolve the issue simply by taking my laptop to other room and connect via LAN cable. So I have less privacy but it is what it is. Besides when I placed my laptop next to the router it seemed to work and games were running again. I was running router on 5 Ghz band which should be better as I thought. All in all for now I have my router running alright and perhaps later on I´ll buy a longer network cable. Thanks everyone for your help tho. <3

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