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DSL-AC88U asuscomm DDNS Lets Encrypt Problem

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to set a nextcloudPi service for my archive. I have a ddns that I set up in my AC88U modem. (Not router)

When I try to connect to my local services it keeps saying that the connection is not secure so I accept the risk etc.. It's probably due to the SSL issue.

In NextcloudPi interface there is a place where I can activate Lets Encrypt. So when I do it I get the following error: (I put mydomainxxx as an example here)

Domain: mydomainxxx.asuscomm.com
Type: dns
Detail: no valid A records found for mydomainxxx.asuscomm.com; no
valid AAAA records found for mydomainxxx.asuscomm.com

My modem is not so new. But at least the DDNS is working. But I see from some screenshots that there is even a button in the Router's DDNS interface that provides Lets Encrypt service built in. My modem is not a router and it doesn't have that Let's Encrypt service built in in the interface although I'm using the latest firmware.

Would that be because it's an old modem and it doesn't have A or AAAA records? And is that why I can't get this lets encrypt work for my ddns address?

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