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rt-ac68u - menu says i need firmware update. Cant click button to accept or cancel

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Hi All, I would appreciate your assistance with a firmware update issue i'm having.

I had to do factory reset of my rt-ac68u (does not come with inbuilt modem) with Asuswrt-merlin.

When i go through the configuration menu i enter a new username and password for the wifi and then username and password to access the router setup. I'm then taken to a menu with says the following

The latest firmware is available now. To improve the system, ASUS highly recommend that update to the latest version.

The problem i have is I cannot click the Cancel or Accept button. I simply get no response. Ive tried using enter as well.

Any idea what i can do about this issue? cause if if cant get past this screen, im not able to make my wifi secure. (the wifi works fine).
Try going to router.asus.com/index.asp it should bypass the wizard that has popped up

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Ok. Thank you for the suggestion. I just tried what you suggested..It works up to a point.

I tried to update the firmware from the main menu


but when i do that i get this



No matter how many times i try to refresh the url or run router.asus.com/index.asp thereafter i continue to get the same issue.

Have you seen this before?
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If anyone can give me some guidance...that would be great.
So to summarise - I can get in to the main screen using router.asus.com/index.asp but at some point i get the following

This site can’t be reached
router.asus.com’s server IP address could not be found.
  • Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.


I'm so frustrated cause. I did try a DNS Flush but this didnt seem to do the trick.
Have you tried entering teh ip address of the router instead - or whatever you have it setup as?

Thanks @vk2him

I will try that tonight when i get home.

I have been using router.asus.com because when i tried it was was taking me to the setup config of my netcom modem not the asus router (the router down not have a modem). I don't know why it is doing that or if its supposed to.
Oh... sounds like maybe either ip clash or double NAT or both is going on.

Can you describe the full setup, what is plugged into what and the IP’s assigned to each device (for both WAN and LAN side of each device).

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I logged in using the netcom modem and the IP is
I logged out and logged in with the Asus Router and its the same IP address
Oh... sounds like maybe either ip clash or double NAT or both is going on.

Can you describe the full setup, what is plugged into what and the IP’s assigned to each device (for both WAN and LAN side of each device).

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OK i connected to the WIFI with the Netcom Modem Wifi and the IP is
I then connected to the WIFI with the Asus Router and its the same IP (i goolged IP and thats what came up)

Im now connected to the WIFI with the Asus Router and I type in and im connected to the netcom modem.
Please see screenshot for LAN

and WAN

I tested using the IP and i connect to the Netcom

I now login using asus.router.com


hope ive done all your requested correctly...
Let me know if this is useful
I really appreciate your help
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Ok, so you netcom modem is not just a modem, it’s a router aswell. So you have double nat which is not recommended!
Ideally if the netcom is capable it should be changed to bridge mode (this allows it to pass the public IP to the Asus, at the moment it is taking the public IP itself and giving a private IP to the Asus).

What I can tell you is if you go to that is your Asus private LAN IP.
If you then go to the administration page and disable the “redirect to router.asus.com” option that might help some of the madness.

Speaking frankly, given you clearly are not well versed in how IP networks work/should be built, I would suggest you find a local friend that is well versed to come help you sort out the double NAT/bridge mode (simply as you may end up with no internet when you try it and it relies on knowing ISP and modem specific settings so you may lose your ability to ask us as a result!).

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Oh and I know I asked you to, but suggest you edit the post to remove your 125.xxxx public IP now for security

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I don't take offence. Your right i am not well versed in this thing. Hence me coming on here for help. I appreciate it.

I double checked and your right. The Netcom is a modem/router. I never realised (my ex flatmate left it behind).
It just surprising that i have been using the Asus router with the netcome router/modem for the past year with no issue. I got the issue when i did a factory reset of the Asus router the other day.

I will follow your suggestion later when I am home.

I have removed referenced to my IP. Can you please remove the reference to my IP in your post? as i cant edit your post.

If your suggestions don't work and if i understand what you say, would it be fair to say buying a cheap modem (without router) and connecting it to the router will solve my issue
I already masked the important bits of your IP so no security risk in my post.

I can’t say if putting a modem in will solve your issues, and honestly double Nat as you have is not the end of the world, it’s just not recommended and definitely does cause some issues as well as being inefficient.

I’d be more tempted to say my suggested config change will help more. If not I’d be doing another factory reset.

Have you also tried different browsers, safari, edge, chrome, Firefox etc?

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yeah i tried different browsers.

i've lost count how many factory resets ive done.

i will try your suggestions late tonight when im home
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@JDB Looks like its been solved.
I tried to do the bridge solution you suggested. Following the steps i found online was easy enough but it did work.
So i reformatted the netcom modem/router and put it back to how it was previously.

A friend came over to help me out. Hes not an expert but he seemed to know what he was dong.

He simply turned to modem/router off. This allowed us to get into the router setup. We then manually changed the ISP in the LAN so its not the same as the thats in the modem/router. Rebooting the router and turned the modem/router back on.

This seemed to do the trick. As far as i can see its all working now.
Good stuff. Glad you’ve got it sorted

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