RT-AC68U repeater upload speed is terrible

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Hi Guys

Just joined the forum as I have no idea what is going on, my main router is an ASUS AC3200 the internet connection to it is 50Mbps Download and 15 Mbps Upload, and works great.

I had been using a cheap Linksys repeater for upstairs which was working fine but only gave me a 5Mbps upload/download speed.

My office has just had a refit and was chucking out all the old network gear, so I grabbed the AC68U, I cleaned it up, and it's as good as new, I totally reset it back to factory settings and set it up in repeater mode.

My downloads speed is basically the same as my main router 40-50Mpbs so I`m very happy with that, however, my upload speed is ranging from 0.1-0.3Mbps.

There are only so many settings I can check in repeater mode and just don't know what the issue could be, I already did a scan of local networks and set my main router to a clear channel, the repeater has followed to the same channel, same issue.

Any help in getting my repeater uploads speeds to something that is actually useful, as I have already discovered file uploads and zoom meetings are basically impossible.

All help and suggestions very much appreciated.

Cheers in advance Alan


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Update it to the latest firmware version (followed by another factory reset) if you haven't already.


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Hi Colin, already ahead of you there, still the same.

I really have no clue as to what's going on, oh and it wasn't 0.1-0.3Mbps upload speeds it was 0.01-0.03Mbps so incredibly slow.


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If you can get it connected via Ethernet set the AC68U as an access point. WIFI repeaters can be slow because the WIFI spends half of its time talking to the main router. And it looks like the AC3200 does not have AiMesh 2.0 which would work better.


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As an experiment can you try moving the RT-AC68U much closer to the AC3200 and seeing what effect it has.


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@Ozric, what @ColinTaylor says and also check the connection in Repeater's UI, example:



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Hi everyone, well I did everything I could, tried all the suggestions, yes Tech9 I do have what you have the connection is great, it's just the upload.

So pissed with it I ordered a Xiaomi Extender Pro, 10 Dollars, 2 mins to set up, problem solved.

The Asus is now confined to a cardboard box.

Cheers everyone

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