RT-ac86u running Merlin 384.17 (should) change back to Asus stock firmware, but which version?


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Hi all, been lurking a while but not doing much. I haven't done much with the Merlin firmware, and really just want to use MAC filtering and DHCP for the home setup. Not that much of a tinkerer and should really go back to stock firmware.

I'm wondering which stock Asus firmware version could I flash to from Merlin 384.17?


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Here... Asus firmware

But really, Merlin out of the box=Asus stock FW, if you're not using the additional features there's still the benefit of tweaks it provides and does no harm.

If anything upgrade to 386 branch Merlin 386.3_2


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If your going back to stock, I dont see a reason to do anything less than current stock rev.
The vendor patches typically include the latest security and bug fixes.

The primary benefit of using stock firmware is your getting the latest updates. Some of these do not hit Merlins fork until after he gets the closed blobs.

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