RT-AC88U speed issue

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New Around Here
I've upgraded my internet from 120 Mbps to 1Gbps.
ISP modem directly connected to the laptop through cable shows 950 Mbps - good enough.

I have changed the ISP modem to the bridge mode and connected my good old AC88U to it.
1. Now Internet speed test from the QoS tab shows a max of 500 Mbps.
2. When I connect my laptop using cable - the speed is maxing 500 Mbps as well.

I've read multiple articles here, the majority being about HW acceleration, here's the screenshot:
Przechwytywanie zawartości sieci Web_25-5-2021_201927_router.asus.com.jpeg

That leads me to think that AC88U cannot really handle the 1Gbps speed and it's time to upgrade.
Before making the decision though - would be great to grab your opinion as maybe the router is capable but I use some wrong settings?



New Around Here
Those tests may assume turning off all the wireless devices, I have 10+ connected (they were not using internet for anything apart from "being alive" during my test). I'm not an expert, but believe cutting internet speed in half because of that seems to be a bit excessive...

Would you recommend new router then, playing with some custom software, changing any specific settings?
Is Internet Speed under QoS reliable?


Clark Griswald

Senior Member
Your isp speed upgrade should negate the need for QoS. You will have HW acceleration active, after turning off QoS.


New Around Here
QoS is turned off, I was rather asking how accurate is the function of "Internet speed" - found under QoS tab :)
Repeating the question though: Would you recommend new router then, playing with some custom software, changing any specific settings?

Clark Griswald

Senior Member
My understanding is you are limited by the router cpu for the speed test. under the tab.
You shouldn't need to buy a new router, since your "good old AC88U" is a good device & runs RMerlin. Perhaps a full reset of your router, and with a fresh system you might find better results.
Which fw are you using?

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