rt-ax55 disconnects every few minutes


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I've recently upgraded to gigabit speed internet and got an asus rt-ax55 router. Beforehand my PC was connected through an old 100mbps router until I got it delivered.
Every few minutes I lose connection to the internet, it disconnects for a few seconds or 1-10 minutes, and then reconnects. it happens about 1-10 times in an hour, quite randomly.

While i'm disconnected, the GUI writes "your isp's dhcp does not function properly". So I talked with the ISP and we tried to troubleshoot it, and nothing worked.
They blame the router and it seems that they are correct? When I connect my PC directly to the modem everything works well.

I've gotten to the 10th page of google, and still waiting for a response from asus's tech support.. but meanwhile i'm having a hard time working from home.
this forum appeared first on a google search for support forums, and I hope i'm in the right place? if not, i'm sorry for spamming your community, I'm just looking for help ;(


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Turn off the power to the modem and the router.
Wait 2 minutes.
Turn the power back on for the modem.
Wait 5 minutes for the modem to fully initialise.
Turn the power back on for the router.


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Welcome to the forums @frz99.

As ColinTaylor mentions, you may only need to power cycle the modem and router. If the 2-minute suggestion doesn't work, I would try 20 minutes of both the router and the modem/ONT being turned off and physically unplugged (but with their power buttons left 'on'.

What settings, features, and options have you enabled past defaults on the router if any?

Have you tried using a WAN DNS setting other than 'Auto'? You can try and, or and, for example.

If all the above doesn't work, you may find the following links useful to get your router/network to a good/known state (or at least determine if it is the hardware itself).

Fully Reset Router and Network

Fully Reset / Best Practice Setup / More

Note that in many instances, toggling options/features on/off isn't the same thing as leaving things at default values without touching them at all.

If you've been doing this, the second link above should be followed after you have properly reset the router fully, beginning with the link below.

[Wireless] ASUS router Hard Factory Reset | Official Support | ASUS Global



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It is very unlikely there is a problem with your new router. It is more likely an issue with your modem and/or ISP servers having trouble recognizing and registering your new router for a WAN IP address.

Try the suggestions already posted. You might also want to turn off all your clients beforehand and turn them on after the recommended power cycle procedure then turn them on a few minutes after the on/off power cycle sequence. This is all done to ensure that your Asus router is being fully recognized by your ISP's modem and/or servers as the device acquiring it
(the new router) receives the WAN IP address and not another device from your network.

If the previous posted suggestions don't help then try this route... Who is your ISP? Depending on your ISP you might have to adjust your DHCP query frequency settings under WAN > Internet Connection > DHCP query frequency and click Apply at the bottom of the screen. Try switching from Aggressive Mode to Normal Mode first. If that doesn't work you can try using Continuous Mode. If this change doesn't work then put back that setting to the default of Aggressive Mode and post back here with results and for more suggestions.

Make sure you have a high quality Ethernet cable connecting your new Asus router and your modem. You mentioned that you just switched to a Gigabit speed tier from your ISP. If your connection was reliable before then this next issue is less likely but there could be problems related to your ISP connection which can usually be tested by the ISP's tech support (which is what they may or may not have already tried).
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