RT-AX58U Loses All Wired Device Connections

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I have found that if I need to power reboot the RT-AX58U router (constant AiMesh issues, don't ask!) I lose all the wired connectivity for the networked devices.
For instance my Blu-Ray player that connected fine beforehand, now states 'network error' and 'no internet'.
My Sky+ box states 'On demand' failed.
When I interrogate the device software network connection status they report issues with the gateway.
My default gateway is and works fine with all the devices before undertaking a power reboot.
I then find to get them back I have to switch the device to WiFi mode, try to connect (still get gateway failure), then back to wired and they connect again.
All my devices have fixed IP addresses. I only use DHCP for guest WiFi.
My network is a CAT8 ethernet from the router to my lounge with an 8 way Cisco RE 2800 splitter.
If I run a cable directly between the device and the router I still get the same issue, so I don't think it is the splitter that is affecting the connectivity.
Does anyone know why this happens and how I can prevent having to reset all my devices manually each time?


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Welcome to the club. I have almost the exact same issue with my AX58U, except that I have to either restart or reset the unit to factory settings after 2 weeks because the AX58U looses bandwidth to the point where client devices feel like they are on a dial up network.

There has to be a solution? Are all of these AX58U's just bad routers?


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I have replaced the Cisco splitters with TP-Link ones, thinking older protocols or device capabilities may be the problem.
I have found no difference.
I have also tried the gui reboot and it does the same.

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