Solved RT-AX58U wireless keys in plain text [384.9890]

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My apologies if this is a trivial issue but I experienced a sudden change in the interface of my RT-AX58U "Network Map" layout.

Specifically, the "System Status" area has changed in layout so that my keys ("WPA-PSK key" fields)
are now in plain text (they are now 'text' type as opposed to 'password' type).

It looks very much like on the website.
It used to look more like this
(with separate 2.4, 5 tabs; now it's just wireless and status)

The change happened unexpectedly, although I did experience a sudden restart that might have been related (or not).

System log as follows:
May 5 05:07:10 ntp: start NTP update
Oct 27 09:02:30 rc_service: ntp 2010:notify_rc restart_diskmon
Oct 27 09:02:30 disk_monitor: Finish
Oct 27 09:02:30 disk monitor: be idle
Oct 27 09:02:31 kernel: Archer TCP Pure ACK Enabled
Oct 27 09:02:45 rc_service: amas_lib 1528:notify_rc restart_firewall
Oct 27 09:02:45 nat: apply nat rules (/tmp/nat_rules_ppp0_eth4)
Oct 27 09:03:20 crond[1423]: time disparity of 1304876 minutes detected
May 5 05:05:08 kernel: klogd started: BusyBox v1.24.1 (2020-09-02 02:00:21 CST)

Is this change reversible? Quite frankly, it is a little bit annoying to have my passwords revealed like that on pretty much the main screen of the configuration page.

Ronald Schwerer

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Seems that posting the firmware version would be helpful. I see the pic in your link says 386.9794. Was that just an example?
BTW, I see the pic is configured for Smart Connect, so there's only one tab for all wifi.
Also, I think you have to click the field to show the key in plain text.
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Ah, sorry... I posted all the unimportant information and forgot about the important bit.
Version is (the most recent, according to my Firmware Upgrade tab).
Here's the link to the actual screenshot (+edits) of my System Status:

The problem is, that I do *not* have to click on any of the fields. It just shows the keys fresh after logging in.
And I don't think I have done anything to cause the change to happen (unless something updated automatically?).


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What browser are you using? Is it caching the results? Can you try a new/different browser or use safe/inprivate mode?


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I checked under Firefox and Opera, on a completely fresh virtual machine.
The same issue.

Is this maybe how it's supposed to be under 384.9890?


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Same here. It's caused by the firmware update to Maybe not a good idea, but definitely the new behavior of this firmware version.


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Great, thanks for the confirmation that it's not just me.

I posted this as sort-of an-issue so I'll mark it as


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