RT-AX86u 2.5gb Port to Cable modem Max Speed Xfinity


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I have an RT-AX86u connected to a an Arris S33 Cable modem using the 2.5GB ports on both devices. I'm on Xfinity/Comcast 1.2GB service. I was wondering if anyone was able to get speeds in the built-in router download speed test better than 950MB or so?

I know individual clients won't be able to get more than 1GB. I also didn't expect the built-in router test to be that fast, but I was hoping it would be a little faster than the 1GB port. It doesn't seem to be, though. I'm using the speed test that is built-in to the AX86u, as that is the only legitimate way I could even test, unless I hook up a laptop (with a 2.5GB port) directly to the cable modem.


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Seems like this person was able to get faster... I'm not sure if this is with a bandwidth tester, or if this is just advertised wireless speed.



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I have the Xfinity 1.2GB service with a RT-AX86U connected thru the 2.5GB port to a CM2000 modem and able to get speeds >950 Mbps. If you have QOS turned on, it will affect your speeds.



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so.. I guess the possibilities are that:
- My cable modem isn't provisioned correctly. Doubtful, as I've tried two different brands of cable modem.
-I'm in a rural area and the OKTA speedtest that is built-in to the modem only has ISPs that aren't that fast.

Is there any way to see what speed a cable modem is provisioned for? I know in the old days, there was a way you could see the file on Arris/Motorola modems.

Is there any way of manually picking an ISP for the Internet Speed test on an Asus Router? I have no comcast sites available. Only a few local mom/pop places.


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Forget it.. one of the sites, actually gave me a faster speed. Still.. any way of overriding the geographic area that is used in an Asus Router Speed Test?


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