RT-AX86U import settings from RT-AC86U

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I have an AC86U and there is an AX86U on its way. The AC86U has Merlin on it.

Can I save some time by restoring settings saved from the older AC model to the new AX model? I would do this after putting Merlin on the new AX.


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Came here with the same questions, and now wondering why isn't that possible?

I see that when exporting settings it just export the nvram content in a binary dump; making it useless across different hardware.

You would think Asus would provide more support going from one model to another, or even better deployment options.


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Too many specific references to the exact model, it was created on, to be used 'universally'. Nothing sinister about it, just facts.


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I did it because I didn't ask here first and I had to go through everything to make sure I'd swept out all references to the AC86U. It probably took just as long as starting from scratch with a paper copy of the settings.

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