RT-AX86U Instant Guard connection causes router to reboot


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Just bought a new RT-AX86U and trying out Instant Guard. I have an Android client with Instant Guard and it connects fine but if I stream something on the client (like music) the router reboots. Same thing happens if I do a speed test from the client (sometimes I have to run the speed test a few times to trigger it, sometimes it happens first try).

When it happens, download speeds start out with an appropriate 200+ Mbps but it slides down to 50 Mbps then the connection drops. If I leave Instant Guard enabled on the client and let it reconnect once the router reboots, the speed test is super slow like < 5 Mbps and it will trigger another router reboot. If I disconnect/reconnect the client, speed goes back to 200+ but the problem will easily repro again.

I've tried it with v3. and v9. OpenVPN and Wire Guard (beta) seem fine. AiProtection is disabled. Have a mesh with an RT-AC1900P and maybe 15 total clients connected. Nothing connected to the USB ports.

Anyone else able to reproduce this? I didn't see anything when I searched for something like it. It doesn't "feel" like a hardware problem.
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