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Hello all,

Recently i purchased 3x RT-AX88U and 2 of them are in AIMESH mode. setup and all seems a breeze and all seems to be working, except for 1 RT-AX88U in AIMESH, the 2.4ghz light does not light up at all. only the 5ghz is lighted. i know i can reset the following to test if it is a faulty light but before that any thing i can do to trouble why this light does not light up? The other AIMESH router is fine.
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When you include it in Aimesh it will factory reset anyway, why do you wait? Factory reset manually and if still failing return or RMA!


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Hello Grisu,

Yup and that is what i did. Initially i had the impression that a 2rd AIMESH node works this way... since the routers may have seemed to be close by.. but when even the 8 port gigabit failed intermittently, i did RMA and the new unit seems to be working fine now.

Thanks again.

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