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Firmware Version:386.5_2 Installed, zzzzzzz Im going to bed


Seams there are lots of problems using Nodes, yes they connect devices, but any setup needed to be dont and they give lots of problems;.

Google displays no longer connected, Home lost most settings, Philips hue had to be plugged into the Master router, setup again, only then could it me moved to the node;.

Now Im wondering if I just have the downstairs setup for say JohnsMedia and the upstairs also with the same Id but perhaps a different IP range ?

Router1, downstairs, JohnsPlaceMedia, Ip Range 2 to 125
Router2, upstairs, JohnsPlaceMedia, Ip Range 126 to 255

Or something like that, think it should be ok each router should see the signal from the other and move channels ?

Ill give it a try
Ok here goes,

downstairs 2 to 127
upstairs 128 to 254

So far, me connected via lead ;)
Hi all, happy holidays if you have them in your country.

Lot of changes again, now 4 routers in livingroom where i can see and hit the on off button easier. 4 way router connection switch moved to routers, so just 1 lead going to laptop, im sitting on sofa 4 feet from them all. All ok until, im still trying to use 2 routers for same network, but both routers are no more than 2 feet away from each other. I have modem going to routers 2.4g WAN then from a LAN port to a WAN port on the second router.

Ive tried different settings, 1 using the second as a node once more, but im just not getting what i want.

Router 1, 0 to 124
Router 2, 125 to 254

Something like that, it works ok until i reboot one of the routers when i do, all devices switch to second router in a flash, but then my TV and 2 NAS drives which have a reserved IP address in the lower range all have a new ip address in the higher range, well then the TV cant see the 2 NAS drives.

TV 192.XXX.X45
NAS 1 192.XXX.X46

So thats ok, but surely if the all go to the second router, they all get new ip addresses.

TV 128
NAS 1 150

They don't see each other now, even if i reserved a second range, 128,129. They wont work, Im making sure TV is refreshing, and i use the device list not an old shortcut... Im Lost.

Also one of the router settings was to extend the WiFi range of the second router 2 foot away, no point.

So Few things,in the AX86U there is a WAN setting, to enable the 2.4G WAN and make the other a 1G WAN. Cant see the point of that, if i select the 1G and make it a LAN which would be good, it asks me a port number, but only gives 1 to 4 which i already got, cant make it a LAN port 5 ?

So not using the 1G WAN for anything right now, and the 2.4G connected to isp modem is working good, even if I use the 1G WAN for the Modem, dont think the 2.4G can be used on a NAS for example.

So any suggestions on whats best set up for those, with both set as WAN only the 2.4G to modem works, connect anything to 1G WAN it wont work, is this a bug, not having LAN port 5 available.

Disabled 2.4G just gives me a normal 1G WAN like the AC86U.

Been doing some research but mostly gutting a room with all new furniture and wall painting, which has caused lots if back problems. So cant do any more work for a week to recover...

So second question, is the only way to extend the number of devices in two RT AC86U is to use one as a main router and second as a node, like i did have when one was upstairs and one downstairs, now they both downstairs 2 foot apart, and that system didnt work well.

Need to either use two modem connections to each router, or use one modem connection to first router then a short lead to second router, but another mode not the mode i tried with a node

Again i need to be careful cant reset main router, as all those names need setting up again, so how to increase the number of devices connected to the same wifi ID.

So both routers have same id .

2 routers with same id, and devices connect some how to router 1 or router 2, have seen it happen before where a "echo show 15 back" in livingroon connected to a router in bedroom, as it was just under it, "echo show 15 front" in livingroon connected to router in livingroon..

Like me it dont make sense.

Sorry this is very long, trying to catch up when im feeling ok. And using a cell phone at 4am UK time.

Anybody know what "Hon Hari" device could be, i have seen it before, but im lost again to what it is. Takes forever to check mac address of all devices.

Oh, and whats the best firmware now for the AX86U and the AC86U
i did upgrade something last time i was here.

386.7_2 im using on this AX86U suppose to wait for a 388 didnt i sorry cant check AC86U right now, i know its flashing for an upgrade, but was anyway after i was warned not to use anything higher than the one above.

Thanks so much for your help, i do really appreciate it, i do go through periods i cant do anything, then try and cram as much as possible into a short time, including decorating.

Anyone fancy painting my ceiling 🤣

Cheers, happy holidays
Sorry at start, talking about the AX86U 2.4g WAN but the routers im trying to use on same id as normal 1G WAN on the AC86U its late, zzzz

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