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RT-BE96U vs BT10

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Apart from the crucial Merlin support, is it worth getting the ugly, but 2.4Ghz 4x4 BE96 over the BT10 2x2? I am mostly interested in the stable support of lots (>50) of IoT devices like Shelly switches and Bulbs at 2.4Ghz while having other 2.4Ghz transmitters like 802.15.4 and BT around too. The reason for WiFi 7 is not this, but more stable low-latency PC WiFi connections to audio devices that could profit from WiFi 7 lower latency and jitter properties. Currently running 3xAX88U which works fine but does have 2.4Ghz 4x4.
You specifically asked about the 2.4 GHz. My response to that is why pay the extra for 4x4 when the IoT devices are only single stream and hardly generate any traffic anyway.
Are you actually having any issues with the AX88Us?
Do you really have, or will you soon have any need for the 6GHz band?
Are there any published results of latency tests on the 2.4GHz band from reliable sources?
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Sorry, I was unclear. I need a router that is good at 2.4Ghz for the IoT devices, the level of the AX88U is sufficient, but it should not be worse. The benefits of WiFi7 is only intended for my very recent and future PCs with 3-way MLO and have nothing to do with the IoT stuff other than that both should work well in parallel.
Not sure there is much real data yet, as most routers don't even have MLO enabled yet, but at least simulated it should be better:
Nobody can tell you this over an internet post.

Buy both, and test them both (and equally).

Keep the one that gives you acceptable performance for the cost.

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