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RT-N16 rescue mode problem

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New Around Here
I recently bought used RT-N16 with intention to replace firmware with OpenWRT to later get it running in my dorm, which has 802.1x eduroam authentification.
I ran to problems when I wanted to flash openWRT or DD WRT image to my router with Firmware Restoration tool or TFTP. The router is indeed in recovery mode, but Firmware restoration tool says that it's not. My power light is flashing, ping to is okay, I can't get to web GUI. Everything seems fine.
Did anyone encounter same or similar issue and has a solution? The status message pops up after around 30 seconds of trying.

Video of lights: https://olmxsccelje-my.sharepoint.c...9DklmKOJIhre0Bmg2vfJrwMlPqjaEsS-pNjQ?e=yE6tgw



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When you ping the router what is the TTL value returned? It should be 100 if it's in rescue mode. If it's 64 it isn't.
I had a hard time with mine due to not using the recovery software that came on the router cd. Once I found the cd it still took a couple of tries but it eventually worked. Recovery mode was difficult for me to get into also. Just keep trying it'll work.

Here is a link to the software that came with my router. You should just be able to unzip and run it. You'll have to run "autorun.exe" and just install the recovery software from there as I could find it in the folders.


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