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RV042 and DHCP Relay

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New Around Here
Does anyone know if you can use DHCP relay on a RV042?

The big picture is I'm trying to configure a remote network with a VPN to the main office. I'd like the remote desktops to pull DHCP from the Windows 2003 server at the main office. This way, in theory, they would populate the Active Directory via DNS/DHCP. There is no server (Windows or Linux) at the remote location(s).

Yes, there are some reasons you would not want this - don't span the wan for authentication. In this case there is a 10Mb synchronous link between sites. As long as I don't invoke roaming profile or perform heavy file synchronizations I should be fine.
I can confirm it does on an RV082....I'll jam into a clients 042 soon and confirm.

Span the WAN is OK on smaller setups, I have a couple of WANs setup on regular broadband (with under 1 meg upload) they log into AD through the VPN tunnel...just small satellite offices with 1 or 2 or 3 workstations. Even Outlook going to Exchange at mothership....Outlooks runs fine through the tunnel cached locally.

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