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On my router , an ASUS RT-AX3000, a device seen on the connected list as static, can not be pinged successfully from the router or anyone on the router’s local network, Now, this happened as a BIG mistake. I initially set up the local net as However, I needed to change the local net due to errors I was getting. When I changed to the new net,, I was not careful enough and left the device with a static ip when the new net came up, so it’s a Zombie out there. It is QNAP NAS that I Really need to get to by web or even ssh, but can not, even when using some extreme measures. Is there a way I can set up routing on the router to connect? Please excuse the ignorance, but most of what little I knew about routing has been forgotten. Need some help...



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Manually configure your PC's network interface with a static IP address of You should now be able to connect to

Alternatively, temporarily change your LAN IP range back to 192.168.50.x.


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It is QNAP NAS that I Really need to get t
If the nas is a static ip, then you could connect directly via ethernet just be sure to configure your pc manually as well using the same subnet as the NAS.

If the nas is using dhcp, just power cycle it using the front power button to do a safe shutdown and restart.


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Well, on the NAS, if t’s a static route, I’d doesn’t query dhcp on boot.

I finally, changed the local net back to , quickly fixed the NAS, changed the net back to, and everything settled out due to the slower boot of the NAS (lots of disks to check on boot!)

thanks for the help


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Apologies for not being able to answer earlier and glad you got it solved for now.

The QNAP QFinder Pro program will let you access your NAS next time. Worth having it installed on your computer. :)

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