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Wireguard Selective Routing - Cannot isolate to a single client

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Hey @ZebMcKayhan,

Following your guidance on the other thread, I managed to successfully import my known-working Wireguard config:

nano /opt/etc/wireguard.d/aws-wg.conf
import aws-wg.conf

Got a message "[: missing ]" but showed import as successful.

I don't want this peer to start automatically, so I set it to auto=n

peer wg11 auto=n

I then configure the selective routing rule:

peer wg11 rule add vpn comment VPNTest

Seems to go through fine, and returns "Updated RPDB Selective Routing rule for wg11"

However, when I start wg11, it successfully connects, but all my LAN devices are going out via the VPN, rather than just the one at


- Am I understanding the use of Auto=n correctly? Is that preventing wg11 automatically establishing a connection? That's what I want - to be able to manually turn on/off the client via an IOS Shortcut and not have wg11 connected all the time. I wasn't sure if Auto=P turns on an auto connect. I tested with Auto=P, and the policy did just apply to the single device,, however, I don't want wg11 to always auto-connect.
- A workaround appears to be to leave Auto=N, and use wgm start wg11 policy which forces wg11 to run in policy mode. This seems to solve my problem, but wanted to check that's the direction I should be going in.

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