Wireguard Session Manager - Discussion (3rd) thread


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how to update wireguard session manager under amtm?
i try press option wg and press 1, but still not updated
I think option 1 is for updating the Wireguard Kernel Modules not the Wireguard Manager script.

To update wgm use u to update to latest stable version. Use uf if you want to force download of latest stable wgm (like if you are already on latest stable but want a new download for some reason). Use uf dev if you want to get latest development/beta version.


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So I can't seem to get the WebUI to work correctly. The only thing I'm noticing working for me is the Show All for the peers. All the others - command line, peer start/stop, Show Firewall, Show RPDB etc are not working. What happens when I click any of those buttons is the "please wait, 100% wheel, applying updates" message shows and then the page refreshes with nothing actually changing or happening. Maybe I didn't set wgm up properly?

I'm running AC86U, 386.7_2, wgm v4.19b3 WebUI v1.04. I've done uf dev a couple times, www refreshX and a router reboot. I also tried a couple different browsers too and all had the same results. Overall it's not a big deal, everything within wgm that I need is working just fine for me.

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