Setting NTP server options


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I never understood this NTP delay in S61unbound. Anyway, after switching to new time sources and eliminating (plus) delay in unbound start script I am a happy camper. Restarted few times and no issues, no delays. :)


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I don't know if it is just me, but for a day now I have switched from to time source and I am experiencing much faster page loads. I will try rebooting the router over the weekend and find out if that make a difference with Unbound. Default Unbound startup script has a 300 sec delay waiting for NTP. Even with that delay sometimes it would not start. We will see if changing time sources made the difference.
If you're using chrony in ntpMerlin, you can query it from the command line to check which of your list of sources it's selecting as "best reference clock" (not sure if it's possible with ntp)
I'd also encourage you to customize further with a more frequent polling of the chosen source. I seem to recall I've mine set at 6, which means it looks to confirm every 2^6 (64) sec - read the terms of use of the sources you've added to your list to see if they'll permit that

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