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Setting up Mesh network with TP-Link Deco backhauling with ethernet.

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Moving to a new house with three TP-link Deco M9+ units. And the ISP is providing me with a new AX1500 (VX220-G2V).

I am thinking to setup like this : ISP-AX1500(as router)-Deco M9+ as AP. Since the house is a 2 storey building so I am also planning to use the other 2 Deco M9+ to setup a mesh network.

I just found out a few of the Cat5 outlet in a few rooms, and there is a in-house switch board in the kitchen (sitting right next to the ISP Modem) that I suppose I could setup wire connection from my AX1500 to the room.

I wonder if its possible that I wire each deco to one ethernet port to form the mesh? Is that going to give me much better connection with one single wifi AP across the house? Or would that cause something called a network loop?

Sorry that it may sound like a stupid question to many, but I just thought having deco to backhaul with each other wirelessly is not as efficient as each of them getting their connection via wire from the wall?

Am I making any sense?

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