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Significant slowdown in download speeds when Routing Policies enabled

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Hello all,
I am not sure if this is normal behavior or not. The Issue I have experienced is when I set routing policies under my VPN connection to activate the kill switch, I notice that when I do a speed test when connected to VPN on my PC, my download speeds reduce significantly.

For example, when the routing policy is not activated but I have connected to my VPN, I get a healthy 60 to 70 MB download speed. (In Australia that’s good lol.) But when I have the routing Policy section activated, my download speeds reduce significantly on the VPN devices (i.e. 5 MB download speed)

Example of 2 separate setups that slows the VPN Significantly:

SETUP1_Slow_DLS: (5MB)
Description: Source IP: Destination IP: Iface:
All Devices VPN
Spare_PC WAN

SETUP2_Slow_DLS: (5MB)
Description: Source IP: Destination IP: Iface:
All_Other_Devices WAN

Description: Source IP: Destination IP: Iface:
All Devices VPN

There is nothing unusual happening in the LOGS that I can see, so again I am not sure if this is expected because of tunneling perhaps? (I think that’s the right terminology)

It is almost like if you have more than 1 entry, something appears to go a little a awry when balancing the 2 different options?

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

Cheers Mark
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