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SMB sharing and skynet/entware.

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I sort of have a solution but I was trying to see if there was a more "elegant/proper" one.

It seems the SMB server shares out all root folders found on a USB device plugged into the router. This means entware and skynet show up. I of course can restrict access to these folders but I would rather them not be there at all.

My solution was to make a smb.postconf file with the following two lines:
sed -i '/\[entware/,+8 d' /tmp/etc/smb.conf
sed -i '/\[skynet/,+8 d' /tmp/etc/smb.conf

It works. But just as I said is there a more elegant/proper way of doing this?

EDIT: Oh and if someone reading is curious what that sed line does it looks for a line beginning with '[skynet' or '[entware' deleting that line and the 8 lines after it.
If you only want them to not be visible when browsing the network:
pc_insert "[entware" "browseable = no" $CONFIG
pc_insert "[skynet" "browseable = no" $CONFIG

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