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Cannot ping/skynet will not work while Firewall is Enabled.

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I am not sure when how long ago this problem has occured, but recently I checked skynet and Internet connectivity failed. So SkyNet will not work, nor will any type of pinging from the Web UI. If I turn off the Router's Firewall on the Advanced Settings --> Firewall --> Enable Firewall --> No, my pinging works again and skynet appears to work fine after that. Obviously, the firewall is more important than skynet so I keep the router firewall enabled.

My internet appears to be working just fine outside of the skynet/router pinging issues.

In the past several months the main change I made was moving to PiHole and setting the Upstream DNS in PiHole to use Unbound Manager on my AX86U.
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Skynet perhaps won't help with community supported blocklists. Your router's built-in firewall already blocks all unsolicited connections. Run Unbound on your Pi-hole device instead, no need to run in on the router. You may want to rethink and redo your configuration. The simpler the better.

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