So confused about model names / compatibilities with rmerlin


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Here is the end of the post mentioned above:

"So don't ask if/when a new model will be supported. I cannot speculate about future model support, and until I have working support for a model, I cannot answer that question."


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ok but the thing is I wasn't sure if that model was an existing one rebranded because they sell it as a pair... And.. being rebranded I tought maybe an existing firmware was already working for it.. so yes I can read. So maybe my question wasn't clear enought ?


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Yes the RT-AX95Q and XT8 are the same hardware according to the FCC ID, but Merlin supports neither.


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Well I read that and I don't know what part the AX6600 doesn't fit in.. Its a broadcom based ap isn't it ? it's widely available I think ? high-end hw... well I hope for the price they sell these :p ? I wouldn't mind donating if that help working on that model !
In general from what I noticed, along with the @RMerlin 's list of requirements. RMerlin generally only supports popular and frequently updated models. Frequently updated means there has to be regular GPL's provided on new firmware releases. The other main requirement is -does the router mesh with his current firmware branch. If it requires too many changes to his code database that are different from all the other models, he usually won't support it.

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